You see them with backpacks and cameras, hovering around the main stage with eyes locked on the artists, waiting to take the best shots. They don’t get to kick back until the after party, if they make it that long. They’ve got gear latched on to every hook and pocket, ready to go at any minute. While our own Stilez will never call himself a professional photographer, his unique shots are always attention grabbers.

Osheaga 2015

We took a look inside his backpack before he headed to snap some shots at Osheaga (see photo above). Here are some items you might want to consider.

If you’re looking to up your photo game, your cell phone wont cut it, at least not for very long. Up your tech game with some of the items shown above, like the Nikon D750 SLR camera that was a real game changer for Stilez (review coming soon). If you’re anything like us, you absolutely cannot get through an entire day at a festival without charging up, and charging stations aren’t always reliable. So grab your own power source and you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying. We recommend the Anker battery packs, available on  Lastly, earplugs are key. It’s a no-brainer that these are an essential element of any festival-goers gear, so head back over to and check out ETY – you’ll thank yourself in 20 years when you can still hear.

We’re halfway through the summer and there are a ton of events still coming. Dress up, gear up, show up, and have a blast. By the way, can you guess the Canadian brand we partnered with, yet? Don’t forget to join in on the conversation online using the hashtags #Osheaga2015 #BTDxOsheaga #BeyondTheDrop + @Osheaga @Stilez