Each year around this time, you can hear the same complaints from jaded old ravers everywhere. “I just don’t want to deal with New Year’s Eve crowds anymore. It’s so expensive. It’s impossible to get a cab. It’s too cold. I’m too old for this.” More often than not, these complaints lead to large groups of partiers opting to stay in at quaint little house parties, indulging in chips and dip instead of something stronger.

But every now and again, there will be an event that raises eyebrows, bringing the masses out of retirement, and that’s exactly what will happen when entertainment giants Ozmozis and Embrace join forces to host Last Night on Earth with Sasha, Henry Saiz and Dubspeeka at Danforth Music Hall. From the moment the event was announced, social media feeds were abuzz with excitement because some of the most iconic names in dance music would be coming to Toronto for to ring in the New Year.

The label-boss of Last Night on Earth is a man who needs no introduction. Long-known as a pioneer in electronic music, Sasha continues to find new ways of presenting his trademark blend of spacey-breaky-trancey-techy-progressive. Coming off a successful world tour with longtime partner John Digweed, and planning another series of Refracted: Live performances the Welsh DJ is on point and sure to deliver.

Joining Sasha on the bill are label mates Henry Saiz, and Dubspeeka. Saiz has been active this year with a busy touring schedule and a new band project with his band where he explores different aspects of human nature around the world. It will be interesting to see if the Spaniard incorporates any of his band work into his performance.

With a roster full of musical entrepreneurs, it might be time to bundle up and brave the cold on New Year’s Eve, because this isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

Tickets are still available here.