Somewhere between Mexico and New York lies the world of Sainte Vie. The producer is a master at providing a glimpse into a post-genre universe, a bridge between memories and music and an emotional soundtrack to his life, which he is graciously sharing with all of us on his latest release, his Estación Inmortal EP. Beyond The Drop got a chance to chat with Sainte Vie about the upcoming release, the inspiration that got him to where he is today and some of his favourite memories that he has gained along the way, read on for more.

What are the origins of Sainte Vie?

SV: I moved to France when I was 15 years old to study high school in Nantes. There, I developed my ability to be alone and understand my sensibility at a much deeper level. I’d spend my weekends in a small town by the sea called Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie. That place triggered a very particular feeling in me, similar to melancholia, I can only express and remember this feeling through music. In honour to this town and what it made me feel, I decided to name this project Sainte Vie.

You are now based in New York, though are originally from Mexico – what drew you to New York, and did you find the location change difficult?

SV: I moved to New York three years ago to study Music Technology at Mercy College. After an extensive research on different music schools, I found this Music Technology program at Mercy College that covered exactly what I had in mind. In addition to this, I thought moving to New York was a good idea to meet new people from the scene and share my music.
The location change had a strong yet positive impact on me and my music. I got confronted to so many different music styles and cultures that not only inspired me but expanded my musical knowledge. New York being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world has a very appealing effect on me when it comes to presentations. Every concert is full of people from different countries so you’re basically spreading your music over the world in a much more natural, honest and faster way.

You’re set to put out your first release on vinyl January 29 – your Estación Inmortal EP! First of all, congratulations – and what is the story behind this collection?

 SV: Thank you! I started working on this EP about a year ago merging and putting together different versions and sketches of each song. I am not trying to make people dance with this EP but to focus on recreating the feelings I’ve been trying to express.
The idea behind this EP is to fill the present with memories of past experiences and emotions that to me are immortal. By pushing certain musical elements like reverb, resonance and pitch beyond their conventional use; I try to reconstruct those experiences and emotions, so that they may be relived again and again.

 Are there any artists you would note as particularly influential to your work?

SV: Yes. I believe I’m musically influenced by artists like Paul Banks, Gustavo Cerati, Nicolas Jaar, Victor Jara, Philipp Glass and James Holden.

 There is a strong prominence of tribal, ritualistic elements in your work. From where does this originate?

SV: Well, I’ve always been passionate about tribal, ethnic, and folklore music. I have a collection of records and samples from my last few trips to México, Colombia, Chile and Peru. I always carry a sound recorder with me during those trips.

You speak of nostalgia and memories when describing this EP, a kind of window into the past – what are some of your favourite memories with Sainte Vie that stand out to you?

 SV: Correct. I guess my favorite memories with Sainte Vie are always related to a very unusual feeling I get when I’m alone in the studio, when I’m travelling and when I’m completely connected to my music during a performance. The combination of these three things create an immortal memory in me. For example: I worked very intensively on my Istanbul Chill Out Festival set, that put me in a particular state of mind that affected the way I perceived the city, finally, during my performance, I managed to connect with the people and express the feeling I had when I was working alone on my set in the studio. That combination of things are responsible for my favorite memories. Chill Out Festival Istanbul is definitely one of them.

You’ve toured far and wide, from Istanbul to Athens – any plans to make a stop for your Canadian fans?

SV: I would love to! Last summer I played in Montreal and I really enjoyed it! There’s nothing confirmed yet, hopefully I’ll be back in Canada sometime soon.

Sainte Vie’s Estacion Inmortal EP is out on January 29 on Akumandra.

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