When Ozmozis and Embrace first announced Danforth Music Hall as the venue for Last Night on Earth with Sasha + more, it rose more than a few eyebrows and generated an equal number of questions. “Isn’t that a concert venue?” “What time will it close?” “What will the sound be like” “Isn’t there a slanted floor?”

Danforth Music Hall Toronto

I’ll admit, I had many of these same questions floating in my head, so on top of my regular excitement to see Sasha, I also had an elevated curiosity about how appropriate Danforth Music Hall would be as a party space. As I arrived, I was pleased to see that there was no line – there’s nothing less enjoyable than waiting outside in -20 degree weather, especially on New Years Eve.

Once inside, I took a brief walk around to check out the venue. The slanted floor we had questions about provided good viewing from any vantage point on the floor. Lineups at the bar were reasonable and the security and bar staff were friendly. The upper balcony provided a spot to hang out, make out or just grab a seat. The sound was crisp but not overpowering loud as it is at some clubs. The lights were simple but effective. In summation, the Danforth Music Hall was a remarkably appropriate venue.

Sasha Danforth Music Hall NYE 2018 Toronto

As I arrived, Henry Saiz was on the stage. I’ve never been disappointed with a Saiz set, and this night was no exception. The Spanish performer belted out tunes with his up-tempo funk-infused style that has become synonymous with his name. Having Saiz start at 10:30pm catapulted the party into overdrive at a very early hour, which was obvious from the response of the crowd.

Henry Saiz Toronto NYE 2018

The highly anticipated act of the night, Sasha, took over at 11:45pm just in time to ring in the Near Year.

As the clock passed midnight, once the balloons had fallen, the champagne toasts had been made and the new year kisses had been distributed, it was time to get down to business. The Welshman played his trademark blend of melodic progressive, backed with spacey lights, leading the crowd through a sequence of builds culminating with an epic 30-minute finale of quintessential Sasha tunes. I remember thinking it is remarkable how much he could jam into a 2-hour-and-15-minute set.

DJ Sasha Toronto NYE 2018

Once the headliner finished, the crowd started to depart and unfortunately, it looked like Dubspeeka was playing to a less full room. But that didn’t matter, the music was amazing and those who stayed got what they came for. Despite the cold temperatures and initial hiccups getting in, the night was a success.

Hopefully the Danforth Music Hall can find a way to increase their coat check capacity – the only downfall of the night was the large line at coat check, which quickly became full, leaving many people forced to either hold their jackets or stash them somewhere. Aside from that, I look forward to future electronic events inside this space.

Photography by WLSN SZTO // Ded Agency  – see the full photo album here.